Sankofa Study Circle

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The National Black United Front Ferguson Community Action Plan

In an attempt to bring about more constructive and substantive change around the issues of police misconduct in the Black community in America, the National Black United Front has instituted eight organizing strategies. These points will help to provide more guidance and direction as we attempt to gain community control of law enforcement.  

1. Join an organization that is working toward the self-determination, self-respect and self-defense of Black people.

3. Boycott holiday spending with non black business and instead hold cash mobs/flash markets at Black owned businesses.

4. Organize to have community trainings on civilian rights when dealing with law enforcement.  Contact your nearest NBUF chapter to help facilitate a training event.

5. Demand a civilian review board with the power to subpoena and fire police officers found guilty of misconduct.

6. Demand that a minimum of 51% of a municipality's police department be residents of that city.

7. Develop a local based strategy to implement community safety patrols.

8. Hold voter education forums on how to nominate, elect and support progressive politicians in support of radical police reform.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

#DCFerguson to rally at Mt. Vernon Square the 'day after' if no indictment!

Point of Contact: Salim Adofo                                                                                         

#DCFerguson will hold a rally, 7pm at Mt. Vernon Square in Washington DC, the “day after” if the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, does not indict Officer Darren Wilson for the murder of teenager Michael Brown.  #DCFerguson continues to stand in solidarity with the Michael Brown family and the sisters and brothers in Ferguson that are continuing to protest and resist the police murders of Black and Latino people every 28 hours in America. 

ANSWER Coalition organizer Eugene Puryear says,"The murder of Michael Brown and the situation in Ferguson can and should be a turning point. Where we finally come to terms with the root causes of these issues and address social deprivation and oppression and the police brutality that comes with it."

The initial sponsors of #DCFerguson include the National Black United Front, the ANSWER Coalition, We Act Radio, the Party forSocialism and Liberation and the American Muslim Alliance, as well as independent organizing networks that have sprung up in the wake of Michael Brown's killing.

Monday, November 10, 2014

NBUF Launches a new TV Show "Sankofa Community Affairs w/ @SalimAdofo"

Creating a more progressive Black presence in media, the National Black United Front (NBUF) has launched the"Sankofa Community Affairs Show with Salim Adofo." Sankofa is a West African word from the culture of Akan, which means to learn from the past, in order to move forward.

Moving in the tradition of ancestor Gil Noble, the show highlights the contributions of progressive grassroots organizers, entertainers and issues challenging the Black community in America. With so many negative images and misinformation consistently being disseminated across the airwaves about the Black community, it's important to have an independent voice that can give a fair and objective view. Additionally, with corporate conglomerates controlling the flow of information, a media presence that can speak to the on the ground issues, is another reason why NBUF created the show. 

The show features prominent scholars such as Dr.Greg Carr, chair of the Afro-American Studies Department of Howard University and Raymond Winbush, author and educator at Morgan State University. Hip Hop artists and activists such as Bomani Armah and Kymone Freeman will be featured too.

 Sankofa Community Affairs with Salim Adofo can be seen every Wednesday night at 8pm in the nations capital on the Washington DC TV Network (channel 95) or viewed via live stream on It will air on Fairfax Public Access TV, channel 10, at 10pm in Northern Virginia, every Wednesday as well. There are encore airings on Saturdays at 6 am and Sundays at 9:30 am in Northern VA and Thursdays at 11am in Washington DC.

For areas of coverage in Northern VA, please click here.