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Monday, November 10, 2014

NBUF Launches a new TV Show "Sankofa Community Affairs w/ @SalimAdofo"

Creating a more progressive Black presence in media, the National Black United Front (NBUF) has launched the"Sankofa Community Affairs Show with Salim Adofo." Sankofa is a West African word from the culture of Akan, which means to learn from the past, in order to move forward.

Moving in the tradition of ancestor Gil Noble, the show highlights the contributions of progressive grassroots organizers, entertainers and issues challenging the Black community in America. With so many negative images and misinformation consistently being disseminated across the airwaves about the Black community, it's important to have an independent voice that can give a fair and objective view. Additionally, with corporate conglomerates controlling the flow of information, a media presence that can speak to the on the ground issues, is another reason why NBUF created the show. 

The show features prominent scholars such as Dr.Greg Carr, chair of the Afro-American Studies Department of Howard University and Raymond Winbush, author and educator at Morgan State University. Hip Hop artists and activists such as Bomani Armah and Kymone Freeman will be featured too.

 Sankofa Community Affairs with Salim Adofo can be seen every Wednesday night at 8pm in the nations capital on the Washington DC TV Network (channel 95) or viewed via live stream on It will air on Fairfax Public Access TV, channel 10, at 10pm in Northern Virginia, every Wednesday as well. There are encore airings on Saturdays at 6 am and Sundays at 9:30 am in Northern VA and Thursdays at 11am in Washington DC.

For areas of coverage in Northern VA, please click here.

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