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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The National Black United Front Ferguson Community Action Plan

In an attempt to bring about more constructive and substantive change around the issues of police misconduct in the Black community in America, the National Black United Front has instituted eight organizing strategies. These points will help to provide more guidance and direction as we attempt to gain community control of law enforcement.  

1. Join an organization that is working toward the self-determination, self-respect and self-defense of Black people.

3. Boycott holiday spending with non black business and instead hold cash mobs/flash markets at Black owned businesses.

4. Organize to have community trainings on civilian rights when dealing with law enforcement.  Contact your nearest NBUF chapter to help facilitate a training event.

5. Demand a civilian review board with the power to subpoena and fire police officers found guilty of misconduct.

6. Demand that a minimum of 51% of a municipality's police department be residents of that city.

7. Develop a local based strategy to implement community safety patrols.

8. Hold voter education forums on how to nominate, elect and support progressive politicians in support of radical police reform.

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